Hello, Welcome and here is a little bit about-me…

Let me just get the formal stuff out of the way and tell you a little about-me … My Name is Justine Lee Rixon but you can call me Jay.

I have been crafting in one form or another most of my life. It is my escape from the real world, a chance to dive head first into the most wonderful world of colour, shapes and texture.

It allows me to pull my mind away from the business that ‘pays the bills’ as my husband puts it. To just play with my collection of crafting goodies that has built up over the years!!! If I didn’t have this down time I think I would have gone off my rocker years a go! Saying that, if you ask the people that know me best they will say that I’m rather bonkers already?

I would love to add loads of patterns and pictures but these things take time, time that takes me away from actually crafting, sewing, knitting, crotcheting, painting the list goes on … So if you have a picture people would love to see or a pattern you think others would enjoy doing from beginners to experts please let me know. You must be willing to give the pattern way for free and you must be the original designer too…


Sari Wrap Skirts are one of my passions as I want to stop perfectly good fabric being sent to landfill. You can find out more at Sari Skirts UK. Also you can find amazing tips about how to change, fix or swap skirts with other skirt sisters from all arounf the world by requesting to join my VIP facebook Group. There are many other groups of wonderful, supportive people including the main Darn Good Yarn facebook group.

So I hope you enjoy your journey around my rather unusual site where the pictures play the main role and the words don’t really matter.


Justine Lee Rixon