Welcome to Jays Jewels

Jays Jewels, a little website of all things beads, lampworking, jewellery and lots of beady things. With patterns, videos and other ideas in the ever building gallery. I hope you enjoy browsing around Jays Jewels as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Not Just for the Experts

It is hard to know what to buy and where to start so this guide is just a little helping hand to get you started. Still not sure… why not try a taster session locally and see if you get hooked just like me!

My Creations

Imagination is an amazing thing and every lampworker has there own style, the possibilities are truly endless and it can come from absolutely anywhere. From nature to cartoon animals you can really lose yourself in the flame.

Beginners Guide

I am going to try adding tips and tricks here as well as how I have setup my studio/workshop. the idea is to show beginners what is entailed when it comes to setting up there own little lampworking oasis. Safety is always the first and foremost important element followed by comfort. sounds odd I know but everything you are going to use needs to be safely reachable otherwise burns are likely. Finally you need to feel inspired in your little sanctury so your creativity can flow.


Here is a little glimpse of things I have made over the last few years. Right from the start I knew I loved working small, the smaller the better! I love colour, dots and flowers but the most important thing to me is the ‘WEARABILITY’ of a bead. I started in small bead work and bead-weaving so I like to be able to use what I make. Personally, having a bead so big it is likely to break your teeth when you bend down doesn’t appeal to me.

Learning from Others

I have been very lucky to have taken classes with some amazing lampworkers over the last 4 years and the techniques I have learned has helped me develop my own style. Finding your own style and not feeling like you have copied someone else’s work is really hard and it take time for you to realise that lampworking has been around for so long that there aren’t many things that haven’t been done already. the objective is to put your own spin on and old idea.