Welcome to the home of Sari Skirts UK – Sari Wrap Skirts are availale is sizes Junior to 32 and help save 2 Million pounds of material going into ladfill as well as support Artisans around the world. Best of all they give you the ‘swish factor’ … don’t believe me…. check out what my customers say:-

“This is my first skirt and its absolutely fabulous! The fabric on both layers is really soft and there is a definite swish! Justine was so helpful and it was lovely having to only wait for a short time for it to arrive in the Channel Islands”.

Size guides can be found here but remember it is a wrap skirts so you can always go bigger for extra wrap……

There is also a nice selection of reduced skirts that didn’t pass my very high quality checks but are still amazingly beautiful. If you don’t mind the odd mark or tiny hole, or you are a dab hand at sewing and fancy repairing one of these beaties yourself, then there are some bargins to be had here……


About Me!

Just a little bit about me and why I started Jays Jewels Ltd and Sari Skirts UK. Oh and my other hobby outside of every craft known to man is BEE KEEPING!!!


Here is a little glimpse of things I have made over the last few years plus loads of pictures of happy customers and their creations. 

Sari Skirts - How they are made?

When I started wearing DGY Sari Wrap Skirts I was really interested in how they were made so I thought I would give it a go… From scratch…. They are quite technical (being totally reversible) to get right and there is a LOT of edging!!