Torches, torches, torches….

Many people start with a type of torch that is called a hot head. this torch is connected directly to the gas and the oxygen is pulled for around the head. As it doesn’t need an oxygen tank it’s inexpensive and easy to setup making it an ideal torch for a beginners. Remember to purchase bracket to mount it onto your table.

This picture shows my Mega Minor with a maver block on top. There is also a minor which is the torch before the mega minor which is a great starter torch which does use oxygen, either bottled or via an oxygen concentrator also known as an oxycon. (Oxycons are covered in a separate post).

After the mega minor there are many other larger torches and torches on top of torches !!! I know it is amazing. these torches are really meant for boro glass (again covered in a separate post) and working with much larger lumps of glass.

Why I started with a mega minor:- I am lucky enough to have a great Dad who is a lampworker so I have been able to try out a few different types of torch and I knew lampworking was for me, so I chose to go for an intermediate torch from the start and save on the cost of upgrading or out growing the starter torches to quickly. If you haven’t lampworked before then best to book on some beginners training and try out torches available at the studio you go to before you splash the cash.