What I am trying to do on this beginner’s guide is give you a quick run through of the equipment you will need to be able to start lampworking. Everybody eventually finds their way of doing things but there are some fundamental safety issues that need to be followed right from the start.

I have broken down all the main areas in to individual posts so you can just click on each one individually and not feel like you are having to read the whole article when you’re only interested in one area.

Areas covered:-
Torches, Kilns, Tools, Oxycon & Propane, dididiom Glasses (Didis), Glass and

This picture was taken on the day my studio was all set up and ready to go, this was over 4 years ago. Look how tidy and empty it is!!! This status quo doesn’t last long trust me!!! As you start buying presses, other tools, Glass and more GLASS….. it soon fills up 😀

Always happy to help if I can… There is also an amazing group of people on Facebook so go check it out.