A Beginners Guide

This is by no means the only way to set-up your studio, there are many other layouts and types of equipment. All I’m trying to do is to give people an incite into how they can get started in lampworking and the basics required.


Torches, torches, torches.... Many people start with a type of torch that is called a hot head. this torch is connected directly to the gas and the oxygen is pulled for around the head. As it doesn't need an oxygen tank it's inexpensive and easy to setup making it an...

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An Overview

What I am trying to do on this beginner's guide is give you a quick run through of the equipment you will need to be able to start lampworking. Everybody eventually finds their way of doing things but there are some fundamental safety issues that need to be followed...

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The Basic Bead

This video shows you how to make a basic bead. This is so you can understand the process of lampworking and see if it is something that you would fancy having a go at!!!

Hot tools, molten glass, flames….

what can go wrong!!


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